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One-stop shopping: that’s the Oranjeland maxim, and your chief advantage of going with our consultancy. We offer you the opportunity of having all your financial affairs set up on a one-stop shopping basis. Oranjeland is completely clued up in the areas of insurance, mortgages, financial planning, pension schemes, estate agency and banking services.

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Let us show you the way

Sitting down with wholesale and retail clients to discuss their financial arrangements is a staple element of our practice, and something which continually confirms to us that most people find it quite a challenge to foster their own financial interests to optimum effect. What with the multitude of options to choose from and the fact that the financial market never sits still, it can be a confusing path to negotiate for the average lay person. Let us show you the way, with the personal advice and top-notch service quality on which our organisation hinges. The advice we offer is objective, professional and reliable.


One of our specialist fields is the provision of financial services to expatriates, as employees of international organisations who for professional reasons temporarily find themselves living and working either in the Netherlands or elsewhere for a longer or shorter period of time. They too can rely on our consultants having the (financial) nous and experience their specific situation calls for.




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